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Fickle  Foods

where your money buys you quality


(Premium boerewors)

“ Best boerewors
I have ever
had "
*spring special*


( Cape Malay )

"your Cape Malay Boerie is unreal brother. I ate a whole pack myself in one sitting.
Couldn't stop."



Our Story

At FickleFoods, we are passionate about bringing the taste of South Africa to your doorstep. Our journey began with a love for boerewors and droëwors, and we've since expanded our range to include Beskuit (Rusks). We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and all our products are homemade with our culinary knowledge that we have built up over the years.


Our Products

Our Sausages are made with Silverside Beef and Pork Sirloin. 

We do not add fillers and the Premium Boerewors, Pure Beef and Chipolata contains no allergen ingredients.

 Our Rusks are made with British Products and created using traditional South African recipes and methods.


Our Mission

At FickleFoods, our mission is to share the taste of our home, South Africa, with the world. Whether you're a South African living abroad or just a food lover looking to try something new, we're here to provide you with the best experience.

our story


Farmer's Sausage on the BBQ
Grid of Sausage and Meats on the open fire.
Coriander being scorched for better flavour profile.
Boerewors on the BBQ.
Selection of different sausages on the BBQ
Dinner on the BBQ
Dinner on the BBQ.


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